3D/4D Ultrasound

3D/4D Ultrasound

An ultrasound machine creates images that allow various organs in the body to be examined. The machine sends out high-frequency sound waves, which reflect off body structures. A computer receives these reflected waves and uses them to create a picture. Unlike with an x-ray or CT scan, there is no ionizing radiation exposure with this test.

Built on a digital platform, TOP OF THE LINE   Voluson BT-13 E-8   utilizes advanced signal processing technology to ensure optimal image quality for high-resolution 2D, volumetric 3D and real-time 4D imaging. Image quality is further enhanced with Harmonic imaging, spectral, color and Doppler imaging,as well as our latest advance – Compound Resolution Imaging. This Machine costs about 4times as much as a routinely used 4D colour Doppler machine and is  installed  only at a handful of vey reputed diagnostic centres

  • Harmonic imaging, spectral, color and Doppler imaging, Compound Resolution Imaging
  • High-resolution 2D, volumetric 3D and real-time 4D imaging
  • Carotid colour doppler & Transcranial Ultrasound and Doppler in infants
  • Peripheral arterial & venous colour Doppler
  • Abdominal Colour Doppler
  • Pregnancy Colour Doppler
  • Musculo-Skeletal Ultrasound.
  • Breast Ultrasound
  • Neck Ultrasound

Patient Benefits:

  • More Information, Better Image Quality
  • Faster Examination
  • High resolution images for detection of subtle abnormalities.
  • Vascular information
What is endovaginal Sonography?
It is Sonography done for better visualisation of uterus & ovaries. A high-resolution endovaginal probe is inserted into the vagina for this examination. It is not painful. It is done as a routine at our centre as it is observed that at times even fairly prominent lesions can be missed if only trans-abdominal Sonography is performed. It does nor require a full bladder.
Is dating and weight estimation 100% accurate?
Dating and weight estimation are just estimates based on statistical data of the baby size. It is not 100% accurate but predicts the dating and weight estimation up to +/- 15%.


  • For sonography of Pelvis
    • Patient should consume 3 – 4 large glasses of water ½ to 1 hour prior to examination. Urine collects in the bladder over this  time. Excessive water should not be consumed as it may lead to vomiting and does not serve the purpose.
    • Full bladder permits better evaluation of the urinary bladder itself, the prostate gland and seminal vesicles in males and the uterus, ovaries and adnexa in  females.
    • Gall Bladder study requires 6 hrs fasting.
    • All other examinations do not require any specific preparation.

    Pregnancy Sonography

    • Full bladder is required upto 10 – 12 weeks of pregnancy. The urinary bladder need not be very full thereafter.
    • There are no clothing restrictions. It is advisable to wear something loose and comfortable.
    • It is advisable to come 10-15 minutes prior to the appointment to ensure smooth and relaxed procedure.

    For KUB Sonography

    • No fasting required
    • Drink water
    • Have full-bladder

    For Whole Abdomen  Sonography

    • 3 – 4 large glasses of water. Urine collects in the bladder takes 1 hour to collect.
    • Overnight fasting or 6 hrs fasting required.

    For Upper Abdomen Sonography

    • 6 hrs fasting required
    • Can drink water

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